Grade: 12
Position: she plays all five.
School: John Burroughs HS, #34 Instagram: : @isabellaroderick

By: Reggie Smith and David Evans.

Isabella, aka Izzy is a 6’0 176 senior who has played varsity years. No one plays harder than Izzy from the first whistle to the final buzzer. When you combine her skills, mental game, and how she continues to dominate on both ends of the floor you are witnessing greatness. Her ability to read situations coming off the pick-and-roll and in the half-court offense makes her almost unstoppable.
Ask her to defend the most challenging players she will lock them down like a pit bull.

Izzy makes sure that when a defender steps in the paint they will second guess if basketball is the sport for them.
Izzy checks all the boxes and She plays with tenacity and relentlessness on both ends of the floor.

She plays her position on the floor better than her competitors and defines that position with fearlessness. with the ability to slash to the basket and dominate at the rim
She is the ultimate basketball player and teammate.

Question: Can you tell the readers about the 805 and what it means to you?
How long have you been playing in this league?

Answer: The 805 is a family. I have only been playing in the 805 for a few months, but from the start I felt welcomed. I already gained a new family within the few months.

Question: What is the difference between playing in the 805 league and your high school team?

Answer: The difference in playing in the 805 league is everyone in the league wants to be there and play and get better. wherein in high school, there are maybe 1-4 people who want to get better and enjoy playing.
The speed and the competition is a lot different, it’s a lot faster compared to my high school league.
there’s a lot more competition in 805. In high school, there are typically 1-2 players who carry the team, but wherein the 805, Everyone plays their part.

Question: Are your goals the same in both leagues? If so, what are they?

Answer: oh, Yes, the main goal is to get a scholarship. there are more specific goals for each league like In my high school league goals are to contact 1st team all CIF, get 1st team, pacific company, again, and set the school record for most rebounds. make playoffs, get pacific league MVP, and win the league.

in 805, there are no specific goals, more so just to better my game and be a more versatile player. work my hardest and try to win as many tournaments as possible.

Question: How has this league impacted your life?

Answer: This league has impacted my life by teaching me that stuff isn’t given to me and there’s always going to be competition to get to the spot where I’m trying to go.
there’s always someone working harder and putting in more work so I should always give it my all because I never know what can happen.

mostly everyone has the goal of getting a scholarship and its always up for grabs to whoever is working there
hardest and have the right skill. This league also taught me I am a lot better than I portray myself and I’m capable of a lot more than what I’m used to.

Question: How different is the competition between both leagues? If there is a difference can you explain it?

Answer: The completion is very different in high school, there are 1-3 people at most who can play wherein in the club the majority of the team can play. Most teams in the club have at least a set of 5 and that set 5 can by themselves dominate. The pace is a lot faster than in high school.

Question: You will be heading into your Senior year. What are your goals? What do you wish to accomplish?

answer: I want to enjoy my last year of high school as much as I can stay out of unnecessary drama and make the most of this year while staying on top of my game.

Question: What opportunities has the 805 league provided you with? How will you utilize those opportunities and use them to your advantage?

Answer: The 805 league has provided me with many things in my time there. One is the opportunity to make new friends and new bonds with in the 805 family.

As well as provide me with exposure to some college coaches, fingers crossed it will provide me with a future in basketball.
The 805 league has also provided me the opportunity to improve and become a more versatile player. some of the stuff I learned and start doing in the 805 league I could use and take back to my high school team and help my teammates improve in areas and also provide for them.

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