Divynah is a Cosmic Dream! She’s a singer, songwriter, producer and refugee who’s parents brought her to the United States for a summer vacation, that shortly after became their unplanned new home to escape the Gulf War. The journey she’s experienced has made her into a fierce and fiery woman that creates her own path, genre and trend. Her exotic and cultural roots in the middle east and world travels weave into her artistic vision. Bringing a refreshing and bold sound to the industry, the Trip-hop artists music speaks the universal language of love, unity and magic in a way few modern artists are able to channel.

Divynah is an industry songwriter and singer for Hook City with Big Fish Audio. She’s recognized by Spotify and Live.me for garnering views/streams in the thousands. She’s not afraid to take on all the roles required to share gifts with the world. Her album “The Healing” is available on all streaming platforms.

Contact Management: Princess Va’shion

Perceptivellc@gmail.com (818) 823-8065



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