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We customize each session to yourindividual needs.  Each therapist is trained in multiple modalities and highly skilled in providing varying degrees of depth and relaxation. 



Personal Massage

60 Minute – $125

90 Minute – $185

120 Minute – $225




Couples Massage


60 Minute – $240

90 Minute – $350

120 Minute – $425

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Military, 65+, Student, Group and Packages 

THC Club Membership – Contact Us! 

I’ve experienced the difference I can never go back”

Like many of you out there I was skeptical and a little nervous to receive a massage using CBD. I was pleasantly surprised to realize it’s just an oil used in the massage like all other massages! Only in this massage the benefits went deeper then just relaxation. The chronic inflammation in my knee and constant tightening in my neck disappeared. I literally felt like a new person. They were so polite and professional. I can’t wait for my next massage and now that I’ve experienced the difference I can never go back. I found my forever massage home!

— Frankie F.

saved my life

Zac saved my life after I woke up with a pinch in my neck after years of holding work stress in my shoulders. I first went to my physician who prescribed nerve medication, a muscle relaxer and hydrocodone. While living for days in the fetal position, I quickly realized I could not function or run my two businesses while loaded up on drugs, and needed an alternative. I had heard about CBD from friends but had never given it a try, so I thought what the heck. I found this company online, and Zac came out the next day. In two weeks I was back to status quo. The combination of skilled massage along with the therapeutics of CBD oil quickly relaxed my nerves and well being. I highly recommend these services and Zac who is a tremendous person that is passionate about his company and his products.

— Terri Y

“Traveling Hands Massage have a healing touch.”

— San Diego City Beat


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