BIO…Ken Harris aka FAT MAC

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! MILLER-BELL MEDIA PRODUCTIONS LLC Proudly PRESENTS, one of the rawest underground hip-hop artist representing the boot shaped state of Louisiana. KEN HARRIS AKA FAT MAC

Some of his inspirations in music include but not limited to Scarface,

2-pac, Ice Cube and Ludacris. This versatile artist can get into character and rise to a performance level that is a cut above on eachtrack that he performs on! Those that have heard him cannot believe it is the same artist. Although various styles linger in his realm, he has taken the challenge of making you not only bounce your head to the rhythms but also take heed to the message in his lyrics.

His life has not been easy and is a constant challenge and struggle. At an early age, he lost key people in his life. He lost his mother, father,and grandparents. He found solitude in his music to help him cope and continue. When asked about losing those so close and dear to him his response is


“THE LORD ALMIGHTY IS MY MOTHER, FATHER AND EVERYTHING ELSE NEEDED” In the past he has performed in various venues from San Diego to Oakland including clubs on the world famous Sunset Strip in Hollywood California. Well educated and working as a Kidney Care Technician Ken aka Fat Mac has and knows what patience and understanding is to get things right.

He has been marveled for his performances with Da Ying Yang Twins, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks of G-Unit, and Ice-T just to name a few. In closing you are in for a real treat so get ready for the next evolution in music for Ken Harris aka Fat Mac “Old School with a New Swing” 

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