Lil Roc is simply the favorite a new breed of artist that makes great music for everyone. Lil Roc has a style that is not defined regionally, but globally. Originally from Little Rock Ar,but residing in Los Angeles, CA arguably the west coasts hot bed for hip hop music, Lil Roc has created a presence and a reputation for being one of the most anticipated new artist in the game. Lil Roc and his team are doing it all from street team work, radio promotions, to in house production. One thing that is certain they are hitting on all cylinders and have Lil Roc in a position to blast to superstardom.



Lil Roc was asked in a recent interview “How would you describe your talent and your style of music? Lil Roc replied “I think of myself like a conglomerate. I’m a rock composed of several different elements. I have a lot of bits and pieces to my style. I’m a humble dude, I don’t like calling myself real because the word is so fabricated. I call myself authentic.




Money? I never really had a lot of, but I learned how to get a dollar. My passion is with music and my ambition is with the world. I love music and not just R&B but I listen to jazz ,reggae, contemporary, and even a little country.


This has been your Backstage Access Pass To Lil Roc the Music Artists from  Little Rock Arkansas.  


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