Pomona Drey is a up-and-coming Music Artist from the City of Pomona the birth place of  HipHop Legends like Sugafree, Above The Law, Code 187um HUCH & KMG, Pomona City Riders, Mista Choc,  Kokane and Pomona Young just to name  A few. 

Now with the new wave of artist  coming from the World  Famous  Pomona City Movement that  was started By Pomona’s on Bigg Percy CEO of RMM Rodrick Music and Marketing and Pomona Young CEO of PIMP ON ENT. 

  Plenty of new talented artists in “PCM” Pomona Drey was the first new artist to  sign a deal with Tha Return of Dogg Style Records and RMM.  Since that day Pomona Drey has put out the  first Pomona City Movement video with “Pomona vs Every Body”  that was played on Fox11 News with Ms. Christine Devine.



  Recently  coming off  the  Puff Puff Pass Tour with SnoopDogg  and Friends he has opened up for a  number of big name artist .

Pomona Drey has put out a number of Mix  Tapes and been on a World Wide none stop Media Tour with all the Radio  Stations, Online Blogs, Online Radio Stations and Local News Outlets. Now that’s  working and being well  Connected and  Respected  in the  Entertainment Industry . 

Drey is  continuing  to ride the wave with his New Fall Solo Project out now  entitled “Who is Pomona Drey?”  🔥🔥🔥📀💿… Stay Tune for more from this hot Who’s  Next Artist POMONA DREY… PCM4LIFE. This is your Backstage Access to the New Video   “Married to The Game”  off the New Project “Who is Pomona Drey?”




Here is your Backstage Access Behind the Scenes look of the Wonderful Year that Pomona Drey Is having.


Now that’s your Backstage Access Pass with (Who is Pomona Drey?) and the Pomona City Movement (PCM) for all Bookings and Interviews go to IG @pomonadrey 




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